PsyCap – why delay success?

Which factors determine success for the individual and the organizations in today’s society? Over time, this question has become more and more frequent.   
Many findings in recent studies present a fairly accurate suggestion. Few years ago, the answer was quite simple; skills and knowledge. Today, a different answer appears. A significant part is obviously still devoted to the prescribed skills and knowledge. In all, this part represents 28 % of the total picture. But is not the most significant parameter. The psychological factors might explain up to 38 % of success.
The emphasis of psychological factors in the pursuit of success is relatively new knowledge. The more novel part is that the brand-new research explains which kind of psychological factors that truly make the difference. These factors are categorized under the title Psychological Capital (PsyCap).
Psychological Capital reveals the level of optimism, hope, self-confidence and resilience. These four elements are intensely increased by rather simple tools. Add commitment, energy, and the creation of results to these factors through your preparation of the work day. This will unfold your individual strengths as much as possible. The full outcome shows a better performance with a boosted composure – which is directly reflected on the bottom line.
The result is notable. Intensive research from several organizations states the following conclusion: When you participate on a course in which you learn how to increase your psychological capital, this makes you able to swap your “investment” into financial capital – to the benefit of the company. Findings highlight a ROI of 270% in the first year. And this is scientifically proven!

To use the tools in your daily life is not determined by complex science conditions. Optimism, self-awareness, resilience, and faith in our own capabilities constitute an improved performance - and finally the bottom line. It’s a win for everyone.
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